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 Zidaneix - 70 warrior X-realm

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PostSubject: Zidaneix - 70 warrior X-realm   Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:38 pm

Name: Zidaneix

Class: Warrior

Current specc: Fury atm, but i will respec to prot as soon as i come ower to you guys.

Willing to respec?: Yes i am. To protection that is, if you need tanks. If not, i will remain fury Smile.

Age: 16.

Sex(male/female ): male

From: Norway, Skjeberg

Amory link: Can`t link it because, my school sucks so much, that they have closed the ports for the armory -.-.

Professions: Blacksmith (361). Planning to get it to 375 in the near future. Mining (375).

Raiding expirience:

Pre TBC:
ZG: [Cleared]
MC: [Cleared]
AQ20: [Cleared]
AQ 40: [Up to 3rd boss]
BWL: [Up to Nefarian]
Naxxramas: [None]


Karazhan: [Cleared]
Zul'aman: [Cleared]
Gruul`s lair: [Cleared]
Magtheridon: [Cleared]
Doom Lord kazzak: [Cleared] (outdoor boss]
Serpentshine Caverns: [Cleared]
Tempest Keep: [Cleared]
Mount Hyjal: [1st boss killed (Rage Winterchill) ]

Previous guilds:

Do u know anyone in Bloodrage?:

I know Zitrix (RL friend), Sarp (RL friend), Maruud (RL friend), Orcii (RL friend), Zeptara (RL friend), Thunderarrow (RL friend).

Why do u want to join?:

I want to join Bloodrage, because i, first of all love to raid, i want to play with my RL friends, i know how to behaviour myself in raids, and take critism seriously.

I have a lot of raiding experience, that i can gladly share with you guys, and maybe help you get far into TBC Wink. I know you guys arrent so wery serious on raiding yet, but maybe we one day can get really far, if we just set our eyes on it Smile.

Tell us abit about urself:

My name is Thomas Kristoffersen, and i live in Norway, Skjeberg. I go the 1st year on the school Borg. In my sparetime i play WoW, Nintendo Wii (or some other console), hang out with friends or do other things.

Heroic keys:

Thrallmar: [Think i got it ]
Lower city: [Got it ]
sha'tar: [Got it ]
Cenarion Expedition: [Unsure, but i will check as soon as i get home. ]
CoT: [ ]

I`m attuned to karazhan.

Thanks for your paitience, and i hope that we will see eachother in guild chat soon Wink.

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PostSubject: Re: Zidaneix - 70 warrior X-realm   Thu Jan 24, 2008 4:42 pm

Okey, I want u in the guild coz of ur pre-TBC expirience as a warrior and ur TBC expirience as a resto shaman Smile We need prot warriors atm so we want u to go prot..

U got my vote
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Zidaneix - 70 warrior X-realm
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