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 Just some information about our dear guild :)

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PostSubject: Just some information about our dear guild :)   Tue Jan 22, 2008 7:19 pm

Hi, and first of all welcome.. I'm gona tell u abit about the guild. It started with a couple of IRL m8s, that wanted to form a guild that could do karazhan. We formed the guild and got surprised how easy we did karazhan, atleast the "lower" parts. At that point we we're doing half-puged groups with some random members.. After a couple weeks we decided to recruit more ppl and to make this forum. Our intensions in the future is to move on and try Zul'aman, Gruul and maybe even more. Let's start and see how far we can get Razz

Raiding days:
Tuesday: 19.30-22.30
Wednsday: 19.30-22.30
Friday: Not decided yet
Saturday/Sunday: optional
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Just some information about our dear guild :)
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